John Pepper


John Pepper the “Man Who Walked Off His Parkinson’s Disease” will be giving a series of free lectures about his experience with Parkinson’s in the SF Bay Area on Sept 13, 14 and 17, 2016. These lectures are for PD patients, caregivers and professionals.

Learn details and preregister at: – a pdf brochure, suitable for posting in a professional office, can be downloaded from the website. Please notify your PD patients of the lecture if you feel they might be interested.

John will discuss how he used exercise (fast walking), among other strategies, to overcome most of his Parkinson’s symptoms; this has helped him eliminate his Parkinson’s medications since 2002.

John will explain his technique of conscious movement that helped him take control of his walking, writing and bringing food to his mouth, without any of those well-known Parkinson’s symptoms interfering. Johns says it only takes a minute to learn how to do this.

Who is John Pepper? John was featured as the “Man Who Walked Off His Parkinson’s Disease” in Dr Normon Doidge’s NY Time Bestselling Book: “The Brain’s Way of Healing” John had early Parkinson’s symptoms in 1963 when he discovered he couldn’t release a ball correctly while trying to throw it. He wasn’t diagnosed with Parkinson’s until 1992. While taking Sinemet and Elderpryl to control his symptoms he developed the idea that exercise might help his condition. Through self-experimentation he developed an exercise and movement protocol that today and since 2002 permits him to live a life without Parkinson’s medications.

John has not completely overcome all of his PD symptoms, but has successfully been able to learn to walk normally, while concentrating on doing so. Using conscious control of his movements he now can write more clearly and can bring food to his mouth when eating without spilling it.

John still has Parkinson’s but he doesn’t appear to be a Parkinson’s patient to the outside world.

Exercise (fast walking) has reversed many of John’s symptoms and conscious movement helps him control what remains of his illness. Today John is 81 years young and is devoting the rest of his life to sharing his story, teaching others with Parkinson’s how he did it – how he reversed the most disabling of his symptoms and reclaimed his life.

John, who lives in South Africa, will be lecturing in Emeryville on Tuesday, September 13 at 10:30AM and again at 2:30PM. John lectures in Burlingame on September 14 at 10:30AM and again at 2:30PM. John lectures in San Rafael at 10:30AM on September 17. All lectures are free; seating is limited, preregister at

For more information call:

Ken Levin, 415-493-0319

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Fourth World Parkinson Conference coming soon.

Consider attending the 4th World Parkinson Congress sent by Sally Swope

When is the WPC 2016? 

Tuesday, Sept. 20 – Friday, Sept. 23, 2016.

Where is the WPC 2016?

It will be held in Portland, Oregon USA at Oregon Convention Center located in the beautiful and lively downtown Portland. Address: 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Portland, Oregon USA Phone: 1.800.791.2250

Who should attend the 4th Annual WPC? 

The program will offer something for everyone in the Parkinson’s community including researchers studying the cause and cure of PD, the clinicians or allied health professionals who people caring for people with PD, people who are living with the disease themselves  Basically, we expect that anyone touched by PD will find something of value in the four days of sessions.

Register by July 7, discount rate = $175 for PWP

Until Sept. 5 = $300    After Sept 6 + $175       Onsite day rate = $200

Reduced rate for care partners

Housing including hotels or group housing



See Program below