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Optimize your enterprise management and everyday tasks, free yourself some time for your passion with a dedicated ERP.

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A new way of working 

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Save time on administrative tasks

Thanks to the invoicing module. Your invoices are automatically generated based on your production progress. Avoid late payments thanks to alerts allowing you to track unpaid invoices.

Improve your profitability

With the finanical analytics from OOTI, you can keep track of your budgets, your expenses, and your profitability in real time. Anticipate and make more informed decisions thanks to automated financial projections from your projects.

Regain control of your organization

With the project and resource management system, benefit from a detailed vision of your company planning and project timelines as well as a complete analysis of time spent on each project.

Simplify your life

With a 360° solution designed from your industry, easily navigate across key modules like opportunities, projects, resources, invoicing, and finances.

Logiciel collaboratif

Why OOTI ?

It is the first software entirely built for architects.

The companies using OOTI reduced time spent on administrative work and management by 20% on average. Try the ERP for architects.


OOTI takes up all the common thread of an architect's project and simplifies it by providing an automated digital solution for the entire company.

Gestion des équipes pour architectes
Commercial Opportunities

Competition, feasibility studies, follow all your prospects in one place

Project Management

Calculation of fees, creation of proposals, team management, progress report by phase or task, all the management of your projects on OOTI

BUdgets & time

Control the budgets of each project and calculate the time spent by your teams on each phase. Make an inventory thanks to the forecast vs. realized


Add all your agency costs. Whether fixed or variable, allocate them to your projects and control your margin

100% for architects

A product in continuous improvement, 100% functionalities for the profession of architect. OOTI is the ideal partner for your agency


Automate and be conform on all your invoicing. Generate your invoices following project progress. Follow unpaid and delayed ones too !


Invite all your team on OOTI. Add their contracts, information and detail their roles to follow budgets. Share the firm's planning in real time.


Download all PDF directly from the reports page to bring to your meetings and have your projects summaries whenever needed.


Associates, Administratives, Project managers, architects, benefit from collaborative features: Notes, Tasks, Planning & blog.


Benefit from detailed financial analyzes and forecasts to make the best decisions for the future of your business

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Available in French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Dutch!

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We accompany more than 200 architecture firms

No more financial uncertainties. Invoicing, employee hours, holidays... everything is linked, saving time and helping with precision and reliability.


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An SaaS software with an easy onboarding


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Frequently asked questions

Here are the questions we are frequently asked.

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate !! 

Solution Architectes

How can I access the platform ?

From any device, online, you just need a WI-FI connexion. OOTI is a SaaS software.

How much time can I save with OOTI ?

On average it is: 1 full working day per week, 32 hours per month gained with OOTI!

Why is the price the same no matter what the role is of a user?

Each given user allows the operation of the software and thus to follow the profitability by phase/project. The software being collaborative, we have smoothed the prices so as to propose a cost per user and not a global license.

Can I extract my data?

Your data is yours at all times. You can export your data from the software or generate personalized PDF reports for your important meetings.

Is the accompaniment included in the price?

Indeed, we have a support team available to answer your questions as well as online content. In addition, we can offer you an installation package allowing you to be ready quickly and trained optimally on the software. 

Is my data safe?

With the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in place, your data has never been so protected. We strive to be constantly up to date on regulations, even before mandatory implementation.